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Working Remotely. Telecommuting

I work from my home office or a nearby wine bar/coffee shop but occasionally I also go into a clients office. On certain occasions I have had the opportunity to visit distant places and work concurrently. Below are a few photos of places I have been able to visit and work at the same time. Yes, I love to spend time with my family too. :)

At first it was challenging to create a routine and I often found myself working random hours. Also, working from home can be lonely. There is very little camaraderie when you're alone and standing at your desk or sitting in front of the screen for eight or more hours a day. An office environment has an atmosphere where "friendly" emails are constantly exchanged and social interaction is part of your daily routine.

There are several major benefits to working remotely. Having the ability to work into the night after spending time with family is priceless and hasn't inhibited me from being productive and getting projects completed. It has allowed me to take a project in the evening and finish by morning, freeing up time to focus on administrative tasks. I will be honest too. Listening to really loud music, wearing slippers all day, not commuting and maybe doing a couple loads of wash is also really awesome.

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