Graemartin logo

My name is Stephen Beebe

I build and code HTML5 banners

I am a good chess player

I designed and built a book

I don't watch network television

I write code for HTML Emails

I admire simple design

I do production design

I still use paper, pencils, pens and brushes

I coded this site with SASS and Flexbox

I live in Southern California near the Pacific Ocean

I made this animation with CSS3 a long time ago

I surf, camp and ride my bike often

I make static web banners

I have traveled and lived abroad

I post photos on instagram

I ride a fixed gear bicycle

I don't update my linkedin account

I get inspiration from my two children

I work remotely from home

I was born in Salt Lake City, Utah

I favor more than one color

I drink my coffee black

I really like this font

I enjoy a large variety of foods

I use Brackets to write code

I like many flavors of ice cream and skittles

I update my resume here

I can make fire without matches

If you email me I will respond